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Allfemales as the name implies, is an effeminate group of Women, Young Women and Girls. It is one of the fastest growing organisations in the South/ South region of the Country, Nigeria. It came into existence in May 15, 2016, barely 2 years ago.


The founder- Juliet Ibiilate McPhilips, hails from Wakrike and Kalabari tribes of Rivers State. She began the group as an online medium through which members were encouraged-motivated and inspired to use their talents to pursue vigorously, their God given dreams and aspirations in life so they can impact on the society generally.
She holds that ‘ Dreaming Big and Aspirations in life ‘ are free gifts to all, which unfortunately, many had as a result of life’s weights and pressures, forfeited.

This partly accounts for the huge financial and moral bankruptcy experienced in our society today; therefore, AllFemales- an embodiment of role models and contributors are set to unanimously strengthen leadership of the female folks at all levels, giving power and voice to Women, Young Women and girls.This is achievable through organising empowerment programs, offering mentorship, guidance and direction to members. Along this line, seminars, visitation and empowerment programs are organised from time to time. Invitation is issued to role models and contributors who also share their inspirational stories for motivational purposes

MOTTO: AllFemales! For Women Unity, Development and Human Capacity Building.


To mentor, empower and strengthen the institution and leadership of Women and Youths in the various sectors of the economy.
We believe in equality for all persons and not marginalisation, therefore, the voices of Women and Youths ( Young Women precisely) we pursue vigorously and believes should be heard in the overall governance of a State.
To envision a State and Country where Women and Youths ( Young Women and girls), rirrespective of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential.


We are poised to provide this platform as a strong body for garnering support at all levels for the course of women and their aspirations in life.


For now our Coordination level spreads across the 23 LGAs plus a wide community of non Indigenes all in Rivers State. We instend to spread our tentacles to other parts of the Country, Nigeria.


-Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Travels etc.
AREAS INCLUDE: Enterpreneural Skills Development, Public Administration, Politics, Academic and Social etc.


We intend to provide our services, programs, and activities through partnerships with Government Agencies and Parastatals, Multinationals, Private Organisations, Educational Institutions and Religious bodies et al within and across the Country, Nigeria.


-This will focus on Individual Character moulding and exercises, Academic and Carrier Programs, Teachings on Positive Self Image, Sexism and the Effects of Marginalization and others.
-Upon training, Trainers are expected to do a follow up of the trained ones as they give back to the Society by the recruitment, retraining and mentorship of others.
– All program types are achievable in collaboration with Government Agencies and Parastatal, Multinationals, Educational / Religious Institutions, other Women and Youth groups et cetera.


1. The APC Most Enterprising Female Politician of the year

2.The APC Most Courageous FP of the year

3. The APC Most Media Influencer FP of the year

4. The APC most Youth Friendly FP of the year.

5.The APC Women Role Model of the year.

6.The APC most Influential FP of the year.

7.The APC most grass rooted FP of the year.

8.The best APC FP mentor of the year

9.The best APC Female Religious Leader of the year.

10. The best APC Female Medical Practitioner of the year.

11. The best APC Female Teacher of the year

12 The APC most articulate Female Politician of the year.

13. The APC best food vendour of the year

14. The APC best Female Comedian of the year

15. The APC Father of the year.