Port Harcourt- Dr. Claribel Abam advices on routine medical check up says… “less than 2% of the City’s population voluntarily subject themselves to regular medical examination without symptoms or complaints. Are you among this 2%”?

Invited to ‘ ChatLive ‘ an online based program where a community of Rivers Females engage on topical issues-Dr Claribel in an 80 mins thriller, discussed on the Importance of Annual Medical Check-up.

She averred that “failure to subject oneself to regular medical examination is the reason preventable diseases occur, and increase in complications in otherwise easily curable diseases which results to expensive treatment.” Adults over 18 and above 40 years are accordingly advised to go for routine medical examination 5years and every 1-3years respectively.

What is Routine Medical Examination?

It is periodic health assessmennt and consistss of history taking, physical examination, and laboratory tests by qualified medical practitioners. It neccessitates promotion of healthy behaviour, prevention of disease occurrence, identification of risk factors for common chronic diseases, and the detection of diseases without apparent symptoms.

Risk Factors-She said includes but not limited to : overweight/obesity, smoking, high alchohol consumption, pregnancy or soon after child birth, chronic or ongoing conditions like diabetes or hypertension, and symptoms that indictate illness.

…click on image below to view some risk factors..

Basic tests required

This she said depends on the history, and physical examination done; again include but not limited to: full blood count, liver and kidney function tests, blood chemistry and fasting blood sugar (GTT) where neccessary), abdominal scan,colonoscopy,mammography, pap smeartest, prostate specific antigen ( for men only)

, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)- this is essentially diagnostic, required for confirmation when symptoms point to certain disease conditions. Individuals are advised to take matters of health seriously , and go for Medical check at centres with qualified medical practitioners.

Everyday Women Centre (EWC) is suggested. It is a well Women’s outfit run by the Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria( MWAN), Rivers State Branch. It is a body of all female qualified Medical Doctors/Practitioners, and Dental Surgeons.


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