VICKY’S SUNDAY Dec 29,2019…with Widows


By JulMcPhilips

“My philosophy of the program is that it is a means of giving succour to Women who have lost their husbands,and letting them know that they are not alone. It is to remind them that God is always there to help them overcome and excel” ~Rt.Hon.Victoria Wobo Nyeche.

December 29, 2019. Port Harcourt, Rivers State – Rt Hon Victoria Wobo Nyeche had the 10th season End of Year Program for Widows as part of her humanitarian endeavour.

An Engineer by profession, Hon.Victoria is a notable humanitarian, and is among the most intriguing emerging female leaders in Rivers State. Her lifestyle is that of giving back as she believes in filling a niche in the world by actually making social impacts.

Recently in Port Harcourt, she had the 10th Annual End of Year Program for Widows. A careful overlook, and listening to her philosophy it was readily seen how her personality fed different aspects of the program.

Not only did she speak passionately about widowhood and the plight of widows in the society; but provided a friendly, warm atmosphere, and the needed hospitality.

Highlighting how traumatic life can be for Widows, “the situation anywhere in the world,is a horrible and bitter experience she said; adding that in some traditional African settings, upon death, the family of the deceased man metes out such inhumane treatment as confiscation of his properties and sending wife (widow) away empty.How so terrible that is,” she said.

Widows are faced with different challenges ranging from marginalisation to socioeconomic deprivation culminating to abject poverty. She therefore called on the government and the general public to assist in providing for them.

Over a hundred widows attended the program the climax of which they were gifted with sundry food items.
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